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Funan Currency


The Khmer currency in Funan period has not been defined the exact date yet. From some of researches, we we know that the ancient Khmer coins can be divided into two different eras: first era started from 1st century to 4th century and second era from 4th century to 7th century.

Foreign Trade of Cambodia

The government controlled all official foreign trade. In July 1979, the Ministry of Local and Foreign Trade set up the Kampuchean Export and Import Corporation (KAMPEXIM, the state trading agency) to handle exports, imports, and foreign aid. In addition, the National Trade Commission was created to be in charge of both internal and external economic coordination. In March 1980, the Foreign Trade Bank was formed to deal with international payments, to expand trade, to provide international loans, and to control foreign exchange. There were reports of special clearing arrangements for trade among the Indochinese countries and with some members of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA, CEMA, or Comecon--see Glossary).

Cambodian Trading Partners

Cambodia's major trading partners in the 1980s were Vietnam, the Soviet Union, and the countries of Eastern Europe, particularly the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Cambodia also claimed to have trade relations with Japan, one of several countries that had recognized Sihanouk's Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea (CGDK) and had imposed a trade embargo on the Phnom Penh government of the People's Republic of Kampuchea (PRK).

In February 1979, Cambodia signed a Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation with Vietnam that formally strengthened "solidarity and cooperation" between the two countries. As part of the Vietnamese aid program to Cambodia, a joint scheme of pairing Cambodian provinces with Vietnamese "sister provinces" was inaugurated in the same year for the purposes of economic cooperation and of technical, educational and cultural exchange. Cambodia's Rotanokiri Province, however, was linked with two neighboring Vietnamese provinces--Nghia Binh and Gia Lai-Cong Tum. In addition, the municipality of Phnom Penh was paired with two Vietnamese cities--Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Except for the municipalities of Hanoi and Haiphong, all of the Vietnamese participants in the scheme were located in former South Vietnam near their Cambodian counterparts.

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Cambodia slams 2 border killings

Google News - 2 hours 35 min ago
The paper said Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims no Cambodian loggers were killed between Jan 1 and Sept 1. The Cambodian Ministry of Interior disputes that, saying that says 12 were killed in a single day in March after 69 were gunned down ... catched

Cambodia Defends Refugee Deal with Australia

Google News - Mon, 2014-09-29 21:14
Cambodia says aid money from Australia was not a factor in its decision to accept asylum seekers currently living in a detention center on the Micronesian island of Nauru. In an exclusive interview with VOA Khmer in New York late Sunday, Foreign ... catched

Irish man dies in Cambodia accident

Google News - Mon, 2014-09-29 13:39
An Irish man died in an accident in the Cambodian capital yesterday. The Department of Foreign Affairs is providing consular assistance to the man's family. The circumstances of his death are not yet confirmed. Unconfirmed media reports in the south ... catched


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